Our Students Are From Various Domains

Our courses are not only for Computer Science (IT) background students, Anyone with any kind of background can enroll in our courses and achieve success as we teach from scratch to the advanced level. Have a look at our student’s feedback from various domains.

Data Science


B.Tech ECE,

Gitam University

"Yes, it was very good teaching. I was actually searching for a good coaching center but the cost in the market was too high but at the right time, I got this opportunity for very less where I learnt a lot from basics (zero knowledge)"

N Bhagya Mounika


Employee at CSS Corp

"Teaching is too good, even a non-IT person can understand easily. Everyday topic-related related tasks help us to understand the topic more easily and gives us an opportunity to explore more. The explanation is very clear with real-time examples and Interactive sessions."

Ravi Kumar P

B.Tech IT,

Sir C.R.Reddy College of Engineering

"Trainer is teaching the python language very clearly and understandable. firstly I have some basic programming skills after listening to the Codingrad course classes I improve my programming skills due to the tasks given by the trainer. Overall I give a 10 out of10 rating to the teaching."



Kakatiya University

"This course was awesome though I am a fresher. I have learned coding very easy way and trainer taught the python concepts using real-time situations. I will strongly recommend this course don’t miss excellent course, tasks, projects with low price."

Vineeth Reddy Gangula

B.Tech EEE,

St Mary’s Engineering College

"Actually I’m from the Non-IT side and I don’t know any programming languages, Now I m learning python programming language. He teaching very well and understanding very easily. Everyday tasks help us make programming code perfection in related topics And Explanation is very good with important points and one more best thing this course cost is very low As compared to other institutions or coaching centers. finally, I will give a 5 out of 5 rating to this teaching."


B.Tech ECE,

Siddhartha Institute Of Technology and Science

"Hi everyone I’m from the first batch (data science) I’m sharing my experience in CodinGrad this is the best platform for Non-IT and IT candidates I have improve my knowing from Zero because I’m completely Non IT side candidates so I refer to join CodinGrad for beginners"

Prasana Kumar

B.Tech Mech,

Sri Indu Institute of Engineering and Technology

"Hello everyone, I am Prasana kumar. I am from the first batch, I want to share my experience. This course was pretty challenging yet it was fun to take the class simultaneously to apply the knowledge gained by the lecture. It is a top-quality course. Keep going, we need this type of course to improve our studies. The instructor was very willing to answer questions from individuals, which is very helpful. Overall, very interesting and useful"


B.Tech ECE,

Siddhartha Institute of Technology

"I am sharmasbee from first batch Data science, I want to share my experience hope it will help you to take correct decision CodinGrad is such a good platform to the people who starts even as a beginner the classes are quite interactive, daily they are giving tasks and taking the mock interviews also which helps to improve our coding skills and confidence, this is the best platform to learn Data Science easily and quickly, Thank you CodinGrad team"

Sri Vaishnavi


Employee at Wipro

"Hi, This is Vaishnavi. Firstly Your teaching is amazing. Initially, I was scared about the language whether it will work out for me to learn or not but now I was free from that fear and I learned much more from this course. The explanation is very clear with real-time examples and Interactive sessions, Really your teaching was excellent. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues. Simply your teaching was precious. Loads Of thanks to you sir for helping me to grow. Your teaching is truly amazing. Thank you so much"

Thirumal Kumar

B.Tech Civil,

Employee at Accenture

"Trainer is very friendly the way he teaches is fab. He is very patient and makes everyone get engaged with his classes and focuses on each and every student until they respond to him. He tells us from point to point which is not taught in any coaching centers. It would be very glad to take classes from him and at last, they even prepare for everything what we would require and supportive to us. Thank you bro lots of love"

Indana Seetharam

B.Tech Mechanical

"He is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. His lessons were engaging, useful, and he was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging the students to try. I would highly recommend these classes to everyone who is interested in learning offered courses from Codingrad."

Armur Avinash

B.Tech EEE,

Mahaveer Institute of Science and Technology

"This is one of the top platform to learn our dream course. They teach us with ease to explore numerous knowledge from us. They clear one on one clarifications and make us ready to create great things. I am glad to find these and learn from you. Overall I am happy to learn from you. You teach very well."

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